Well, as the name suggests there are Myriad options available to you when considering your finances (hence the name).  What we try to do is help you decide what is really important to you, and then the best way to ensure it happens, whilst trying to remove some of the complexity often associated with financial matters.

We are based in the Wolverhampton area, with most of our clients living in the Midlands and Shropshire, but will look after clients that are based further a field.

So far that sounds pretty much like any other adviser so, what do we do differently? The main difference is that we charge flat fees for both initial and ongoing advice, and only work with clients who like us and whom we like.

Typically, our clients are in the age range of 55-65, with investable funds of £250,000 or more, wanting to plan for retirement or start some estate planning.  Alternatively they may be younger but with a joint household income of £80,000 (single Household £50,000) plus, and are looking to organise their finances and create a plan for the future.

Put simply, if you have an aim in mind that requires Money, Time and Planning to achieve, we are ideally placed to help.